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Okay, I’m going to give your information to our first available consumer advocate who will return your call to discuss all your all your cancellation options.

Now, due to the high volume of calls we receive, all of our calls are returned in the order in which they were received and our offices are open seven days a week 9:00 AM to Midnight Eastern time. And one of our consumer advocates will return your call as soon as possible during the hours of 9:00 am to 9:00 pm in your time zone, okay?

(If they ask who will be calling back say):
We have lots of consumer advocates and I’m not sure who will be calling you back).

(If they ask any other questions, that’s not covered in the above script say):
My job is just to take your information, but when one of our consumer advocates returns your call they can answer all your questions. Well, again, thanks for calling the Timeshare Cancel Center and good-bye for now.


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