Timeshare exit team 60Timeshares often top the list for the single worst purchase you can make. Financial experts, life coaches, and investment advisors all agree a timeshare is a bad idea. If you own one, you know that you need to figure out a way to get rid of timeshare.

When you bought your timeshare, you were probably not in the frame of mind to be making an expensive purchase. You were on vacation. Had just gotten off the plane or checked into your hotel. You were looking forward to relaxing.

That’s when they hit you. The timeshare salesman knew you wouldn’t be worried about ways to get rid of timeshare. You had just started your vacation and were in full relaxation mode. You decided to say yes to the timeshare presentation. It seemed like it might be worth it in exchange for the free hotel points they were offering.

So you went to the presentation, and you heard their spiel. You thought you would be able to tell if you were being lied to. But you couldn’t, and you said yes.

Timeshare exit team 59Maybe it was the elaborate slide show or the fuzzy numbers showing how a timeshare could be an investment. Maybe it was the free drinks or the charismatic salesman. Whatever it was that hooked you, you said yes, and you bought a timeshare.

And you wanted to love it. You wanted to be like those happy people in the timeshare presentation, going on vacation and enjoying a life of luxury. You wanted it so badly. And you really did try.

You tried to book a vacation six months in advance only to be told there were no more timeshare spots available. You tried to request time off work with enough notice to get the hotel you wanted, but your schedule changed. You tried to use your timeshare but you couldn’t.

You began to feel defeated. And you began to wonder if it was possible to get rid of timeshare. You may have even to start to research your options.

If only you had known had bad of an idea your timeshare was during your rescission period. But you didn’t. You were trying to enjoy it and to live the life you were promised. As a result, you threw away your easy, painless chance at a no questions asked timeshare cancellation.

Timeshare exit team 58Now when you call the timeshare company, they tell you can’t cancel your timeshare. Your only options are to sell it or give it away. Both of those will result in you taking a huge financial loss which you are hoping to avoid.

Even if you could sell your timeshare, you will probably still owe money to the timeshare company. Because despite what you were sold, a timeshare is not an investment. It is a money sink.

You may have even considered simply stopping your timeshare payments. But you know that this would ruin your credit and have a lasting impact on your financial future.

If you feel lost as to how to get rid of timeshare, you are not alone, and there is a better way. It is possible to get rid of your timeshare.

But you can’t do it alone. Because while getting rid of a timeshare when you are outside of your timeshare cancellation period is possible, it is also usually difficult. The timeshare company doesn’t want to let you go.

The best way to get rid of your timeshare is with the help of our timeshare exit team. We can cancel your timeshare and get your life, money, and vacation back. In some cases, we may even be able to help recover money you have already sent the timeshare company.

You read that right, we can sometimes help our customers get refunds on their timeshares. We will get you out of your timeshare. Call us today to discuss your timeshare cancellation options.

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