Timeshare Cancellation 20Buying a timeshare is often an impulse purchase. It is easy to buy a timeshare, and it often comes with many incentives and too good to be true offers. However, you may find that these offers were in fact too good to be true, and your timeshare is a scam. While it is easy to buy a timeshare, it is difficult to figure out how to get out of a timeshare. It is important to note that it may be difficult to get rid of a timeshare, it is not impossible. Read more to learn how to get rid of a timeshare and reclaim your vacations today!

It is that time of year again, timeshare maintenance fee season. During the spring and summer months, the time to pay your timeshare maintenance fees comes and it may have you wondering if owning a timeshare is even worth it.

There is a good reason for this, maintenance fees have increased over 100% on average over the last 8 years, and in some cases, they have almost tripled. Paying your maintenance fee probably has you evaluating the costs versus benefits of your timeshare, and you may be finding that you are coming up short.

This can lead you to wonder how to get out of a timeshare to avoid maintenance fees and all the other costs associated with owning one. If you call the timeshare company, they will tell you that you have to sell your timeshare or give it away.

These solutions to how to get out of a timeshare can be problematic for a few reasons. The first is that if you sell a timeshare, you will almost always lose money. Contrary to what your timeshare presentation led you to believe, most timeshares do not increase in value. Usually, the opposite is true, meaning you will end up selling at a loss.

Timeshare Exit Team 3In addition to funds lost, selling a timeshare takes time. Time that you still have to make monthly payments and pay maintenance fees. This can add up to be a large chunk of change. In this case, figuring out how to get rid of a timeshare can actually end up costing you more money.

So, for most people, a timeshare sale does not make sense. Let’s take a look at the second solution offered by the timeshare company, gifting your timeshare. In order to gift your timeshare, you have to find someone willing and able to take over your monthly payments. Very few people want a second-hand timeshare, and many families don’t have someone in their life who can afford to take over their timeshare.

As you can see, both solutions proposed by the timeshare company are problematic for different reasons. You are still wondering how to get rid of a timeshare though because you can no longer afford yours.

The situation may seem hopeless. It is not, there is a lesser known but generally more advantageous way to get out of your timeshare. Timeshare cancellation is a way to get out of your timeshare without owing extra due to negative equity or having to find someone to take over your payments.

When you start the process of doing a timeshare cancellation, it is very important that you do not try to do it on your own. Timeshare companies have professional legal teams that try to force you to stay in your contract. You need your own team of professionals dedicated to getting you out of it.

Timeshare Cancellation 12That is where we come in. We have a team of experts who specialize in timeshare cancellation. We know how to get you out of your timeshare without paying unnecessary fees and penalties. We work quickly so that you can stop making payments and start saving money almost immediately.

We also know how to do a timeshare cancellation without ruining your credit or impacting future ownership opportunities. Basically, we can write a resort authorized cancellation letter that will make it as though your timeshare never even existed.

If you are tired of making monthly payments and paying increasing maintenance fees, you can get out of your timeshare. Call us today to speak to a timeshare cancellation expert. We are here for you when you need us.


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