how to get rid of a timeshare

It’s a familiar story… you’re casually walking through a shopping center or perhaps stopping for a coffee, often while you are already on vacation, and you’re stopped by a charismatic person who starts offering you exciting opportunities or prizes. Little do you know that this will lead you to wondering how to get rid of a timeshare.

It might be a free tour, a free meal at a nice restaurant, or maybe something like a nice new camera to capture all your memories. All you have to do is sit and listen to a brief presentation about their property and the prize is yours! It sounds easy enough and you really wanted to go on that tour anyway so you agree.

how to get rid of a timeshareBefore you know it you are getting sucked in to persuasive sales tactics and you realize the brief presentation isn’t so brief and they work really hard to ensure you sign up for their timeshare before you leave. That free tour just cost you thousands of dollars in timeshare fees, maintenance fees, and various other expenses!

Most people don’t realize what they’ve gotten themselves into immediately. They may even enjoy their timeshare for a few years. However the vast majority of people will eventually realize that their timeshare is just a drain on their wallet and they don’t want to be stuck going on the same vacation year after year. The timeshare company will tell you that timeshare cancellation isn’t possible and they certainly won’t tell you how to get rid of a timeshare, but luckily there is hope.

Timeshare companies have mastered the art of swaying unsuspecting customers into buying something that sounds like a good deal but really it’s often too good to be true. Over the years you’ll pay thousands of dollars in timeshare fees, much like a mortgage, but you won’t actually have anything to show for it. You won’t own any property or even have much of a say over how and when you use your timeshare.


Timeshare cancellation can feel overwhelming but our timeshare exit team understands the business, the tactics of timeshare companies, and we know exactly how to get rid of a timeshare.

how to get rid of a timeshare 21At this point, you’re probably thinking that the timeshare exit team cost will be more than you can afford and you’ve already spent so much on your timeshare.

Many people will even convince themselves that they will use their timeshare more if they just make and effort because timeshare cancellation seems too difficult. However, another year goes by and then another and you will have spent several more hundreds or thousands of dollars on that timeshare and still haven’t been able to use it like you thought you would. It’s not worth spending even more time paying for something you won’t use when you can get rid of timeshare now.

Eliminate the stress in your life over wasted money and trying to force vacations into times and places that don’t really work for you by finding out how to get rid of a timeshare now. Take control back over your finances and your vacations and put your money into doing things you really want to do and going when it works for you, not when it works for the timeshare company.

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