timeshare exit teamBuying a timeshare is easy, figuring out how to get rid of a timeshare can seem impossible. You may feel trapped in your timeshare like there is no way out. Calling the timeshare company accomplishes nothing except for wasting hours of your time. You are tired of paying for something you never use, and you are really tired of paying for increasing annual maintenance fees. You feel stuck and worry that you will never be rid of your not good, rotten timeshare.


While you may feel like you are alone, you are in fact, in good company. According to the AARP, Forbes, and the Huffington Post, timeshares have consistently topped the list of the purchases that inspire the most buyer’s remorse. It is easy to see why if you are trying to figure out how to get rid of a timeshare. Interest rates on timeshares are quite high, usually at six percent or higher, and annual maintenance fees increase every year. This means that you are paying more for your timeshare than you ever could have imagined.


You may have also found that restrictive booking policies and point premiums have made it impossible for you to use your timeshare to go to exotic locations or stay at in demand resorts. Going places like Scottsdale is easy enough, but if you want to go somewhere abroad or with a beach or to go to a ski resort when there is actually snow on the ground, you will likely find that getting a reservation is next to impossible. If you want to get reservations at an in-demand resort, you have to book them years in advance which may not be feasible for your lifestyle. You know you need to figure out how to get rid of a timeshare, but you aren’t sure where to start.


timeshare exit teamSo, you start at what seems like the logical place, the timeshare company. While this may seem like a good idea, it is usually a huge mistake. The timeshare company has a vested interest in making sure that your timeshare payments keep coming in. They want to keep making money whether you use your timeshare or not and, quite frankly, they don’t care about what you can’t afford or how your timeshare is affecting your life. So they aren’t going to tell you how to get rid of a timeshare. Rather they are simply going to scare you into keeping it.


Instead, of calling the timeshare company, you need to call our timeshare exit team. Our team of professionals knows timeshare cancellation. We don’t work for the timeshare company, and we are not some timeshare resale scam. We work for you, and we are on your side. We will advocate for you with the timeshare company to help you get out of your timeshare without losing any more of your time or hard earned money.


So, how does it work? Well, when you call us, we start with a complimentary timeshare exit team review of your contract. No two timeshares have the same terms and conditions, so no two timeshare cancellations are the same either. We take the time to get to know you and your timeshare to determine what the best course of action is for a timeshare cancellation. We then give you a clear idea of what our timeshare exit team cost will be because we don’t want to blindside you with any hidden expenses or fees. Our goal is to be as open and honest with you as possible.


Timeshare Exit TeamWe then get to work and get you out of your timeshare. With a team of timeshare attorneys and other professionals, we write a resort authorized cancellation letter that will get you out of your timeshare. Depending on the terms of your timeshare contract, we may even be able to help get some or all of your money back. For some of our clients, we have even been able to help recover their down payments.


We work for you, and we are on your side. We are so confident that we will be able to cancel your timeshare that we offer a money back guarantee on all of our timeshare cancellation services. That means that if we can’t get rid of your timeshare, we don’t get paid. It is that simple.


We work for you, and we are here for you, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

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