how to get rid of a timeshareDo you need to know how to get rid of a timeshare? If you answered yes, read on to learn more about how to cancel a timeshare with the help of our timeshare exit team.


When you buy a timeshare, you are often buying into a scam. The idea you are sold sounds great, but that is all that it is, an idea, an illusion, a false promise.


The timeshare salesman made it seem like a dream come true. Luxury vacations for a fraction of the price. A way to build equity and maybe even have a nice little nest egg when you sell it. You thought you would make money, but often you lose it.


Timeshares do not often gain in value, so when you go to figure out how to get rid of a timeshare, you start to realize that selling yours is not an option. You stand to lose thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in a timeshare resale.


Timeshare Cancellation 8So you can’t sell your timeshare, you will lose too much money. Not to mention a timeshare resale is next to impossible. The market is completely oversaturated with new timeshares, and you can’t possibly compete with the free incentives the resorts offer.


I mean, can you afford to offer a free two-night vacation to anyone who even considers buying your timeshare? Probably not, but your competition can. Places like Hyatt and Marriott will give you a free two-night stay just for attending a timeshare presentation.


If selling your timeshare is out of the question, you may decide to try once again to use it Only you find that, just like before, you simply can’t. The reason will vary from person to person, but the fact remains that the majority of timeshare owners simply do not use their timeshare.


Maybe you have a work schedule that is too hectic. Taking a full week off is out of the question. So you try to use a few weekends. Only those have booking premiums that would require you to buy more points and spend even more money on your timeshare. You are simply not interested in doing this.


Timeshare Cancellation 18Maybe you had a new baby that makes going on vacation at all impossible. Between sleep deprivation and lack of childcare, you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and may not ever be able to use your timeshare.


Perhaps your financial situation has changed. Either by choice or due to the economy you are no longer employed, and your timeshare payments are out of your budget. Plus you still have to buy food and airfare when you go on vacation, even if the timeshare covers your hotel. It’s expensive, and you can’t afford it.


Regardless of the reason, you need to know how to get rid of a timeshare. You know you can’t sell it so you may think that you are stuck. Our timeshare exit team is here to tell you that you are not stuck in your no good, rotten timeshare deal.


There is a way to get rid of timeshare and reclaim your vacation. You can cancel your timeshare through the timeshare cancellation process. This involves examining the particulars of your contract and using them to find a way to cancel your timeshare.


One thing I do not recommend is trying to cancel your timeshare yourself. You may think that you can just google timeshare cancellation and try to do it yourself. This sounds fine in theory, but a timeshare is a complicated, legally binding document. Trying to cancel it on your own can lead to making things worse.

Timeshare Cancellation 6

Our timeshare exit team has seen some do it yourself timeshare cancellations go so wrong that even we couldn’t get rid of the timeshare.


Instead, call our timeshare exit team. We offer a complimentary review of your timeshare contract and a money back satisfaction guarantee.


What this means for you is that if we can’t get you the timeshare cancellation that you need, you don’t pay us. So basically you have nothing to lose.


In some cases, we have even been able to get our clients refunds of money they have already paid to the timeshare company.


Don’t wait until your timeshare pushes you into bankruptcy or steals your vacation. Call us today to learn how to get rid of a timeshare, for good!

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