timeshare exit teamIf you own a timeshare, you may find that it has created a source of stress and worry in your life. You may even sit awake at night wondering how to get rid of a timeshare because you can’t afford your monthly payments.

If you are in this situation, it is important to know that you have options. You can get rid of your timeshare. However, there are as many timeshare exit scams out there as there are timeshare scams. Read on to find out legitimate ways to get out of a timeshare and how to know if you are being taken advantage of.

So, you bought a timeshare. I am sure you never thought you’d be in this position but you were just the right combination of relaxed and tired to take a chance on saying yes. After thinking more about it, you realized that you have made a mistake. Maybe you’ve even gotten yourself mixed up in some sort of timeshare scam. You decide that you need to figure out how to get rid of a timeshare but are going to wait until the end of your vacation. Afterall, you don’t want to ruin the rest of the trip by being on the phone arguing with a timeshare company.

While this may seem like a good idea, it is actually a huge mistake. The timeshare company bets on you not making any moves until you get home. This often puts you outside your period of the right of rescission. This is the timeframe where you can cancel your timeshare without any repercussions or penalties. Once you are outside of this period, getting rid of your timeshare becomes much more difficult.

Timeshare exit team 51If you call the timeshare company once your period of the right of rescission has ended, they will tell you that it is impossible to do a timeshare cancellation. The timeshare exit team cost will be astronomical. They will tell you that you will ruin your credit if you default on your payments and that there is absolutely no way out.

At this point, you may be desperate to know how to get rid of a timeshare. You may look into some kind of timeshare resale service. Let me tell you right now, this is almost always a scam. Think about a used car salesman who sells used cars to the used car salesman; that is how slick the people who do timeshare resale scams are. They will take your money and are often in cahoots with another company, so they are double dipping into the pot.

With a timeshare resale scam, you will almost always lose money. Our timeshare exit team has heard of people losing thousands of dollars to a resale scam. Basically, if the resale opportunity sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Other timeshare exit scams come from the timeshare company itself. When you call to ask about a timeshare cancellation, you will most likely be told that it is impossible. Your rescission period is over, and there is no way to cancel your timeshare. All you can do now is sell it or default and ruin your credit. This is simply not true. Which, considering this is the same company that promised you your timeshare would pay for itself, this should not be surprising.

timeshare exit teamIt is possible to do a timeshare cancellation at any point in owning your timeshare. However, I would suggest that you not try to do it on your own. The answer to how to get rid of a timeshare is definitely NOT to try to write your own cancellation letter.

In fact, our timeshare exit team has seen some cancellations so mixed up by well-meaning do it yourself enthusiasts that the timeshare actually became impossible to cancel. These poor people were stuck with their timeshare forever because they were trying to save a couple bucks.

Instead, call our experts at Timeshare Cancel Center. We can get you the cancellation you need. We can even review your timeshare contract for free to give you an idea of what the timeshare exit cost will run you. Once you enlist our services, we work for you. You no longer have to deal with the timeshare company and any of their scams. We take care of it for you.

We are so confident in our timeshare cancellation services that we even offer a satisfaction guarantee. That means that if we can’t cancel your timeshare, you get your money back. In an industry that is notorious for scams and deception, Timeshare Cancel Center is the real deal.

Call us today to learn about your timeshare cancellation options. We are here for you, all day every day.

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