Are you one of the unfortunate victims that when you purchase a timeshare, the sales techniques you were subjected to seem to be in the order of high pressure sales techniques or a timeshare scam?

Be Encouraged There Is Help For You

Even though you have signed a sales contract that is legally and binding there is protections set up for you as a buyer to change your mind and do a timeshare cancellation. Many times all you have to do to get a timeshare cancellation is send a timeshare cancellation letter and tell the resort cancel my timeshare.

But you can’t just call them, you must mail a writen timeshare cancellation letter and say the words, cancel my timeshare. Even if you call and talk with your timeshare sales person, a timeshare cancellation can not be done over the phone.

This timeshare cancellation protection time is called a cooling off period that normally follows any kind of sales transaction. There are only a handful of sales transactions that this cooling off period does not apply to and timeshare cancellation is NOT one of them. All the states have a number of days for their timeshare cancellation period. 

No matter what the customer service at the resort has told you, you are still entitled to do a timeshare cancellation within the time period that is set up in the timeshare contract you signed.

Find The Rescission Clause

 The first thing you need to do is look at your timeshare contract and search for the timeshare cancellation rescission clause. Sometimes it’s hidden in the very small print at the end of a usually lengthy timeshare contract.

The timeshare cancellation rescission period should also have been gone over with you at the time you purchased your timeshare and signed the timeshare contract. However this is many times glossed over very quickly with the timeshare sales people.

Paid On Commission

 Timeshare sales people get paid by commission so remember that it does not behoove them to make sure before you sign the legal timeshare contract that you understand it.

Nor that you do have a legal timeshare cancellation cooling off period where you are within your legal rights to do a timeshare cancellation and no penalty of cost or obligation will come to you because you choose to exercise your legal rights.

Although we have talked to many timeshare owners who wish to do a timeshare cancellation within their rightful legal rescission period; were told by the resorts customer service people that they were unable to cancel the contract for one reason or another.

Timeshare Customer Service – An Extension Of High Pressure Sales

 Also it should be noted here, that many of the timeshare customer service people are just an extension of the high pressure sales people that you dealt with in the first place. These timeshare customer service people are paid bonuses to keep you on the books when you call in to do a timeshare cancellation.

One of their job descriptions is to resell you on the timeshare resort or the whole timeshare vacationing mindset and to make you change your mind about cancelling. Sometimes they (resort customer service people) will again tell you anything you need to hear to get you past the rescission period.

We have especially seen this perpetrated on the young and old timeshare buyers who are not clear on their legal rights and are having to go head-to-head with a highly trained persuasive timeshare sales person.

Many times we talk to timeshare buyers who have called the resort to cancel and have been persuaded to think it over one more time before they do a timeshare cancellation on the week(s) or points that they purchased and at that time were given a price that cannot be duplicated at a later time.

Wait Just A Little Longer

This timeshare customer service follow up sales pitch will sometimes convince the timeshare owner to hesitate in doing the timeshare cancellation they called in to do, thinking that they may really be passing up the deal of a lifetime.

The buyer waits a few more days and then decides that the steady drain on their finances by staying in the timeshare contract will really do them more harm than good, calls in once more to do the timeshare cancellation and is then told that the timeshare cancellation rescission period has legally pasted as stated in the contract and that the buyer no longer has a legal right to cancel.

Now the timeshare buyer feels totally stuck in a legal binding timeshare contract that has NO legal way out. They (the timeshare buyers) are now legally bound by law to fulfill the payment agreement and also the agreed upon lifetime of maintenance fees.

We have talked to many, many timeshare buyers who are in such a state of despair that it has interfered with their jobs, their health and their marriage or relationships.

If that’s you, that does not mean that you should hire a high priced attorney. In fact many attorneys will tell you that a legal and binding contract has been signed and there is not legal recourse for you except to fulfill your timeshare obligation.

If you are unsure that you can handle the task of doing a timeshare cancellation, or believe that you succumb to the timeshare high pressure sales or one of the many timeshare scams and would like to cancel.

We would be glad to talk with you about how we can help.

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