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Many people ask our timeshare exit team, are the timeshare exchange companies, part of what many people call the timeshare scams. The fact is, that the exchange companies are not there to watch your back and make sure you get the best accommodations or locations when you ask for them when doing a timeshare exchange.

You should know, there is a diffident a hierarchy in the timeshare industry. Many owners get so disillusioned with the whole timeshare concept and they become so frustrated that all they want to do is a timeshare cancellation. They feel this way because they feel they have been had by a timeshare scam.

You can understand why they get so mad because when they purchased the timeshare to begin with and bought into the whole mindset of vacationing within the timeshare industry, they were told many things that were simply not true. Timeshare Exit Team

You remember when you first went into that 90-minute presentation that ended up being a four to six-hour ordeal.

You talked to many different salespeople each one a little higher up on the timeshare resort’s food chain, and each one telling you that they could do a little bit more for you if you would just sign the timeshare contract that day.

Of course, it had to be that day or all bets were off. The extraordinary deal they were giving you would not be available another day.

If you wanted to vacation around the world in the most wonderful accommodations you had ever laid eyes on, you had better take advantage of it now. If not, you would probably be kicking yourself the rest of your vacationing life knowing that you had passed up the deal of a lifetime.

The fact is, that after the high-pressure sale techniques the timeshare industry is known to use on potential buyers, you probably would have signed up to buy the Brooklyn Bridge just to get out of there!

But let’s get back to the way it was presented to you about exchanging your timeshare for other destinations around the world.

Having you sign on the first dotted line is just the first step on the rung of the timeshare scam ladder and numerous lies you have been told. The timeshare resort has big plans for you later on and it comes in the form of an upgrade, after upgrade, after even or more upgrades. Timeshare Exit Team

If you didn’t buy a premium timeshare (or lots of points) then you may find that you can’t go where you want to vacation.

The timeshare resort salespeople will remind you that you didn’t want to buy quality at the time of your purchase so you’re kind of like stuck on the lower level of timeshare in the exchange group.

Now to solve your problem the timeshare resort would be more than happy to sell you an upgrade (more points) so that you don’t have to encounter this kind of nuance in the future.

Don’t Have The Extra Money – No Problem 

The timeshare resort will just open you up a line of credit and you don’t even have to pay anything extra up front. Are they nice people or what?

And before you know what hit you – you’re in debt up to your eyeballs and don’t really understand how you got there. The next thing you do is cry out for help to get out of the mess. You start doing some research on how to do a timeshare cancellation. All this may very well be your story.

Some people mistakenly try a timeshare cancellation by calling the resort and then give them a sad story and say; I need to get out of a timeshare. For sure, these people do not know how to get rid of a timeshare.

If you own a timeshare and feel you have been involved in a timeshare scam and/or would like to know how to cancel timeshare we can help.

To learn more about a timeshare cancellation see our frequently asked questions or give us a call.

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