Timeshare-Exit-TeamAre you curious about the timeshare cancellation process? Do you have questions surrounding how to get rid of a timeshare? Are you concerned about falling for yet another timeshare scam?


We find that many of our clients have been burned by their timeshare and some even by timeshare exit scams. This makes them understandably cautious when it comes to our timeshare cancellation process. The best way to make sure you are not the victim of a scam is to ask the right questions.


If you are looking for a timeshare exit team to do a timeshare cancellation, there are some questions you need to be asking, and you need to make sure that you get the right answers. Here are a few questions that you must ask before you sign up with a timeshare exit company and the answers you should expect.


  1. How much does your timeshare cancellation cost? You need to make sure that you have a clear idea of what you can expect to pay before you sign any contracts.


While answers to this one will vary, they should be able to give you at least a general idea of their timeshare exit team cost before you sign a contract. Most will be able to review your contract and give you the exact cost. Of course, depending on unforeseen factors the price may need to be adjusted, which is why you always need to ask this second question.


  1. What if something comes up and it will incur additional costs? You need to know what your timeshare exit team will do if they need to charge you extra.


The best answer to this question and the one from us here at Timeshare Cancel Center is that we will always call you if your timeshare cancellation looks like it will cost more or take longer than we originally thought. We will never charge more without your consent first. This is your timeshare, and we want you to be comfortable with what is going on.



  1. How long will the timeshare cancellation process take?


We know that you want to get rid of timeshare and it is important to know how long that process will take. Unfortunately, it is not an exact science, so there is not always an exact answer. However, be leery of any company that makes unrealistic promises.


Timeshare exit team 10For example, if they tell you that they can have you out of your timeshare in just a few days. Or if they give you a timeframe without a timeshare exit team review of your contract. These are red flags that you may not be dealing with a reputable company.


  1. Will I be free from my timeshare obligation?


The answer to this should always be yes, otherwise it is not a true timeshare cancellation. If you will still owe some money to the timeshare company, it is a timeshare foreclosure or resale, not a cancellation.


When you cancel a timeshare contract, you should walk away from it free and clear, with no further obligation.


  1. Will I be able to get a refund?


This depends entirely on your circumstances. While it is possible to get a refund in some cases, and our timeshare exit team often does, steer clear of anyone who promises you a refund without looking at your timeshare first. This is a huge red flag that you might be dealing with a scam artist.


Once you have decided that it is time to get rid of your timeshare, you need to have expert help on your side. Our timeshare exit team knows timeshare cancellation process, and we can get rid of your timeshare.


We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our timeshare exit services because we know how to get rid of a timeshare. When you are ready to get your life back, give us a call.


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