timeshare exit teamIf a convincing timeshare presentation has you thinking that a timeshare may be a good investment for you, you may want to reconsider. You are going to end up needing a timeshare cancellation.



First and foremost an investment means that you put money towards something that will actually generate you more money in the long run. A good investment holds value and even grows in value. A bad investment means you ultimately lose money.


There are risks with any investment even homes or stocks, but ultimately there are some pretty safe investments that are worth your money. A timeshare has no chance of earning you any money, and you’ll never sell it for more than you paid.


timeshare exit teamA timeshare is simply a way to pre-pay for your vacations. If you fell for the idea that you made a great investment, it’s not too late to get a timeshare exit team to help you with timeshare cancellation so you can actually invest your money in something worthwhile.


Timeshares cost tens of thousands of dollars, and that doesn’t even include the maintenance fees you’ll pay year after year, that also increase. That is tens of thousands of dollars you are putting towards a vacation you may never take.


Back to investing, generally if you invested that money say in the stock market or even in a crappy savings account, you’d be earning interest or value would be growing so that the longer you had it, the more money you could potentially make. The opposite is true with a timeshare.


Timeshare Exit Team 25Much like a car, it tanks in value almost immediately and the longer you have it, the more money you are losing (especially if you aren’t using it), and the less you will likely ever get out of it if you can even get anything back at all. Your timeshare company won’t tell you this or how to get rid of a timeshare. They want you to think that isn’t even worth doing because of the “investment” you’ve already made.


With the money you put into a timeshare, you could easily take many vacations to any place you want, and anytime you want, but the upside is you won’t be paying for them all in advance. That way if an unexpected expense pops up, you may have the money to pay for it, and it won’t be a big deal if you skip vacation that year!


Or, better yet, you could have taken the $15k you spent on your timeshare and put it in an investment account and each year, you’d add the maintenance fees you are paying, and after ten or twenty years, you could have hundreds of thousands of dollars or essentially enough to buy your own vacation property if you really wanted to! It’s never too late for timeshare cancellation though.


The timeshare exit team cost may seem like more money down the hole, but sometimes you have to cut your losses and realize when something you thought was an investment was actually a mistake.


This happens on occasion with everything from homes to stocks. Timeshare cancellation will ensure that you don’t continue to throw money toward something that will never earn you any money back and may not even bring you the fun and relaxation you were looking for.

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