how to get rid of a timeshare - 6If you find yourself stuck in a timeshare, you may feel like it is impossible to get out of. Our timeshare exit team can help you cancel your timeshare and get out of the contract, for good.

Buying a timeshare can seem like a great idea. Usually, it’s done in a spur of the moment decision when you are on vacation. You are relaxed, and your guard is down. You think “wouldn’t it be great to do this every year?” And on a whim, you decide that purchasing a timeshare is the right choice.

However, once returned from vacation, you may realize that a timeshare is not a good choice for your family. Whether due to financial hardship, incompatible schedules, or simply regretting your purchasing, you may find that you need to figure out how to get out of a timeshare.

So you start with the obvious first choice and call the resort. You tell them your story and find out; they can’t help you cancel your timeshare. In fact, at this point, the resort has very little to do with your timeshare. If you want to discuss the terms of your contract, you will be directed towards the timeshare company.

When you call the timeshare company, you won’t get the people pleasing sales team you dealt with during your purchase. Instead, you will be directed to their legal department. They will convince you that it is impossible to cancel your timeshare. A timeshare cancellation will ruin your credit or cause them to pursue legal action against you. Their advice will most likely be to sell your timeshare.

timeshare exit teamAt this point in the story, our timeshare exit team hears all too often; you will probably look into a real estate agent who specializes in timeshare sales. This is a long, drawn out process and often leads to a dead end. There is not a large market for second-hand timeshares because they are so easy to purchase new. Even if you are able to sell your timeshare, it is usually for a fraction of what you paid, and you have to pay real estate broker fees on top of any money lost.

If you are unable to sell your timeshare, you may be told your only option is to gift it. The trouble is, it may be hard to find someone who wants it. With a timeshare comes maintenance fees that the recipient will have to take over as well as monthly or annual payments. So, you can give it away, but chances are it will be difficult to find someone who can afford and who wants your gift.

As you can see, it is easy to buy a timeshare, but hard to cancel a timeshare. Our timeshare exit team hears stories like this quite often. Trying to cancel a timeshare is frustrating, and you will likely not be successful. Unless, you have a professional on your side.

how to get rid of a timeshareThis is where our timeshare exit team comes into play. Our team of experts is experienced in timeshare cancellation. We can write a resort authorized letter that will get your out of your timeshare. We are so confident that our team will be able to cancel your timeshare that we offer a satisfaction guarantee.

If you own a timeshare, you may find this guarantee hard to believe and may even be wondering, what’s the catch? Or you may be thinking that if it is as simple a letter, you can do that on your own.

If you search timeshare cancellation letters, you will find examples online. Our timeshare exit team urges you not to try to write your own. Each timeshare is unique, and there is no one size fits all timeshare cancellation letter.

Trying to cancel your timeshare on your own can often have severe consequences. Once our timeshare exit team begins helping, it can take longer because the process has become convoluted and mixed up. We have even seen instances where the cancellation process has been so muddled up that a cancellation is actually impossible.

So before you do something that can’t be undone, call our timeshare exit team. We stand behind our services and are dedicated to happy customers. You have nothing to lose except your timeshare.

Call today for a complimentary timeshare exit team review of your contract. We are here to help twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

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