timeshare exit teamIf you are in the market for a timeshare cancellation, chances are that you have already been thinking about the timeshare exit team cost. You can’t imagine having one more cost associated with your timeshare and wonder if it will even be worth it.


Before we talk too much about the timeshare exit team cost, let’s look at all the other fees you are paying on your timeshare. Your timeshare is expensive, and it is most likely costing you more than you even realize.


The first major cost of a timeshare is the cost to buy it. Some people can afford to buy it outright in a lump sum. Most people, however, end up having to finance at least a portion of their timeshare. While there are people who can drop over $30,000 at once, most people need to make payments.


This means that in addition to the principal costs of your timeshare, which averages around thirty-thousand dollars, by the way, you are also paying interest. Just like you would if you financed a car or a house. Except because it is a luxury purchase, the interest rates are much higher.


In fact, according to the American Resort Development Association (the timeshare industry itself), the average interest rate on a timeshare is 14%. You read that right, fourteen percent. That is the same as most credit cards. In some cases, rates can reach as high as 20%.


Timeshare exit team 56This means that you are paying thousands of dollars every year in interest. Let that sink in and then tell me the timeshare exit team cost is too high. What you are already paying is too high.


In addition to principal payments and interest payments, you are also paying maintenance fees. These are charged annually under the guise that they will help maintain the resort property. If they do, great, but often I find that they are being pocketed by the timeshare company.


Run down accommodations and less than stellar resort grounds are a huge reason people end up looking for a timeshare cancellation. With maintenance fees averaging around $600 a year, they are more than a small fee.


With that money, you could book a lovely staycation or even pay for a significant amount of your airfare or all of your vacation spending money. There are certainly better things to spend it on than maintenance fees.


Remember, these are annual fees, so you have to pay them every year. And they never go away. If you pass away and leave your timeshare to your children, guess what? They have to pay your maintenance fees. Clearly, this is a significant cost that can and does add up.


So as you can see you are already spending too much on your timeshare. The timeshare exit team cost is low compared to what your timeshare is costing you every month. Generally, for the cost of a few years of maintenance fees, you can get rid of your timeshare for good.


Timeshare exit team 60If you are struggling to make your timeshare payments, your interest rate is too high, or you hate paying your maintenance fees, a timeshare cancellation is the answer for you. If you don’t use your timeshare anymore and just need to get rid of it, we are here for you today.



When you call our timeshare exit team, they review your timeshare contract and go over all your options with you. We explain and outline the entire process, including our fees, so that you know exactly what to expect. We don’t want there to be any surprises.


Once you decide that we are the right timeshare exit team for you, we go about the process of getting you the timeshare cancellation that you need. We take over talking to the timeshare company on your behalf so that you don’t have to waste any more of your time.


We also try to get some or all of your money back. You read that right, in some cases, depending on the exact details of your timeshare contract, we may be able to help recover some or all of your money that you have already sent the timeshare company.


We also offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our timeshare exit team services. That means that if we can’t cancel your timeshare, we don’t get paid.


A money back guarantee and a possibility of a refund? What else can you ask for? For your timeshare exit team cost, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Call us today to get rid of your timeshare!


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