timeshare exit teamIf you suddenly find yourself in the position of needing a timeshare cancellation, you need our timeshare exit team. Stop paying for something that you don’t use and find out your options today!


Imagine going out to eat, and in addition to paying for your food, you had an additional fee to account for cleaning and maintaining the restaurant. Imagine paying this fee even if you only went to the restaurant for a cocktail or even if you just went to meet friends and didn’t plan to eat. People would avoid that restaurant like the plague!


Although it sounds like something no one would actually be willing to do, timeshare companies essentially expect their timeshare owners to do just this! Our timeshare exit team often hears complaints about maintenance fees and they are often a big reason for timeshare cancellation.

Timeshares aren’t cheap, and they are shared with several other people so you can be assured that the timeshare company is making plenty of money. Why then are they also making you pay to upkeep the grounds and maintain the property? Shouldn’t that be included in what you’ve already paid?


timeshare exit teamIt’s like paying HOA fees for your vacation, and they generally go up each year, whether you use the property or whether they even make updates. Those hefty fees have people trying to figure out how to get rid of a timeshare.


Timeshare companies rely on those fees to drive their profits even higher. Why not get people to pay even more money, and it’s even better for them if you aren’t actually using the property! You might say that there are always little fees associated with a hotel stay that often serve the same purpose.


However, you only pay those if you actually stay at the resort and they are relatively inexpensive. Timeshare maintenance fees can run you several hundred to several thousand dollars per year. A timeshare cancellation is the only way to stop those fees for good.


On a smaller scale, timeshares are sort of like that gym membership you don’t actually use but continue to pay for. That’s why there are gyms popping up all over the place that offer memberships by the month or super cheap memberships because they know people don’t actually want to pay for something they won’t use.


Paying for a membership doesn’t make it any more likely that people will go to the gym despite what they tell themselves. The same issue can apply to timeshares. Just because you’ve already paid for your vacation stay doesn’t mean you’ll actually be able to use it. Our timeshare exit team hears stories from frustrated customers each day who really thought that a timeshare would save them money but then they realize it’s just a drain on their finances.


Timeshare exit team 56Luckily we know how to get rid of a timeshare so that you can stop paying maintenance fees and other costs associated with your timeshare. Even if you have plenty of money to spare, no one likes completely wasting money. If you want to just give your money away, don’t support timeshare companies, give it to charity instead.


At least you’ll feel good that your money is helping someone. A timeshare cancellation doesn’t have to be a hassle even if your timeshare company tells you it will be.


Call us today for a complimentary timeshare exit team review of your timeshare contract. We will outline the cancellation process and get you started on your journey towards living timeshare free.


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