If you have purchased a timeshare, you may find that vacations are no longer the dream you thought they would be. If this is the case, contact our timeshare exit team for more information on how to get out of a timeshare.

Timeshare Exit TeamWhen I was a kid, vacation was a luxury. We weren’t a two to three vacations a year family. In fact, I can count the number of actual vacations we went on on one hand. Usually, when we had money for trips, it was spent going to visit family. While this was enjoyable, sleeping on a pull out couch in someone’s living room was hardly a vacation.

One vacation I do remember vividly, is not because it was amazing or fun. It is actually one of my more bizarre memories from childhood.

I was about twelve, and my brother was nine. We went with our family friends who hard children around our age. They told us we were going to Mexico. We had been to Rocky Point so I was expecting a beach house, lots of free time, and the ability to escape my parents to play, listen to music, and otherwise enjoy myself with my friends. Wrong. We were going to Tijuana which was not the beach vacation I expected.

When we got there, we found out we were staying in a hotel instead of a beach house. Except the hotel only had a tiny pool, like minuscule. And it had a restaurant but it was, let’s just say, not quite what any of us were expecting. The food was luke-warm and the bread was stale.

The “resort” did however have a shopping mall attached. Which I thought would be amazing. Except it wasn’t. Turns out there was a warning about giving your children free roam due to the risk of kidnapping. So we were stuck with our parents, the whole time.

No big deal, we could hit the beach, right? Nope, wrong. This was the early 1990’s and my mom had seen some special on dateline or the news about the beaches of Tijuana. She was convinced that it would be littered with trash and dirty needles. So, no beach.

No beach, tiny hotel pool, no shopping mall, and stale bread. For a week. That was our vacation for an entire week one summer. We spent a lot of time together, but I can’t say that any of it was fun. I am sure there were some fun parts and now that I am a bit (ok, a lot) older, we look back on this vacation and laugh. But at the time, I was a miserable twelve-year-old and my parents weren’t too happy either.

I have often wondered why we went on this vacation. What possessed my parents to go to a “five star” hotel in Tijuana? Well, it turns out that they had purchased a timeshare. They were promised that they could use their points for fun, exotic family vacations but all that was available was a Tijuana vacation.

They knew they had to use their points or risk losing them so they figured, why not?


Ultimately, it was one of our more memorable vacations but not because it was particularly enjoyable. My parents were one of the unfortunate families who get sold the dream of a timeshare. They ended up miserable and wondering how to get out of a timeshare. They were told that a timeshare cancellation was impossible and that attempting to cancel a timeshare would ruin their credit.

If you are like my parents, you may find yourself stuck in a timeshare that you no longer want. If you try to do a timeshare cancellation, the timeshare company will tell you that there is no way out other than an outright sale. If you sell, you will probably lose money, which will leave you pulling your hair out and wondering how to get out of a timeshare.

Don’t try to cancel a timeshare on your own. Leave that to the experts on our timeshare exit team. We know how to cancel a timeshare. All we do is timeshare cancellation, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

We are so confident that we can help you figure out how to get out of a timeshare that we offer a money back guarantee on our services. We are the real deal and we are confident that we can help you with a timeshare cancellation. Call our office today!

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