Looking for the ideal location for your next family vacation? Our timeshare exit team reviews timeshares and usually hears about the worst vacation spots. However, we do sometimes talk to satisfied customers who have the time of the lives on their vacations.


timeshare exit teamIf you are planning your next family vacation, you may be at a loss for where you should go. When our timeshare exit team chats with customers who have recently been able to cancel a timeshare, they often don’t know where to spend their next vacation. They have been so used to having a destination chosen for them due to a restrictive timeshare and some find that the choices can be overwhelming.


Sometimes so overwhelming that you may be actually second guessing your decision to cancel your timeshare. At least with your timeshare, you knew where to start. A non-timeshare vacation can start to seem like such a chore, that you may think it would be better not to go on vacation at all.


Don’t despair. We are here to help. Not only does our timeshare exit team provide satisfaction guaranteed timeshare cancellations, but we have also recently compiled a list of the best family vacation destinations. These should be a good starting point for you to plan your next family getaway.


So, without further ado, here are our timeshare exit team reviews of the best places to go on vacation.


Beach Vacations: If your idea of a relaxing family getaway is a sandy beach, you have plenty of options. If you want to stay in the United States, Myrtle Beach is an excellent choice for families. It has over 60 miles of beach and includes an aquarium, miniature golf, and horseback riding as non-beach front options. Myrtle Beach is also a relatively inexpensive destination, especially for a beach vacation. According to our timeshare exit team reviews, the best times to visit Myrtle Beach are June through August.


If you would prefer a beach vacation that is slightly more exotic, the Dominican Republic boasts miles of white sand beaches. Popular destinations like Punta Cana are easily accessible by plane and have booming tourism industries, making them a safe and attractive options for many families. Non-beach front options included adventurous activities like zip lining or more laid back options like shopping at local markets.


All-Inclusive Resorts: According to our timeshare exit team reviews, many families like the option of all-inclusive resorts because there are no hidden expenses. If you want to stay in the United States, Hawaii has many all-inclusive options. If you want to venture internationally, the Caribbean and Mexico have many options.


Timeshare exit team 63One word of caution from our timeshare exit team, make sure to read reviews of resorts before booking them. And carefully check the fine print. Some resorts are for adults only, and you wouldn’t want accidently to book one of those for your family vacation.


Outdoorsy Vacations: If you and your family enjoy the outdoors or want to spend your time on vacation reconnecting to nature, national parks are a great option. You can stay at nearby hotels or in some cases, even rent camping spaces inside the parks. The Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Yellowstone are all popular destinations for families. With junior ranger programs, breathtaking scenery, hikes, and other natural wonders, national parks have something for everyone.


Cruises: Many families enjoy cruises as a vacation option. If you owned a timeshare, this was not an option for you so you may be eager to try it out. With a cruise, the sky is the limit as far as the destination. Anywhere from Alaska, to Europe, to the tropics is an option for a cruise. Cruises usually include food in their prices which is an excellent way to save some money.


If these options sound great to you, but you are stuck in a vacation rut because of an unwanted timeshare, don’t let that stop you from trying new adventures and going on the vacation of your dreams. Not only can our timeshare exit team review fabulous vacation destinations, we can also help you figure out how to get out of a timeshare.


Timeshare exit team 3We specialize in timeshare cancellation and are dedicated to our customers. We have a satisfaction guarantee for all of our timeshare cancellation services. This means that if you are unhappy with our service, you get your money back.


Call our office today to have our timeshare exit team review your timeshare and help you get the cancellation you need.

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