Timeshare Exit TeamWhen our timeshare exit team reviews timeshare contracts, we find that while each one is unique, there are some common scams. The timeshare industry loves to pull the wool over the eyes of its customers. When you feel like it is hopeless, we are here to help. Read on to learn more about how you get can get out of your timeshare and what you need to know to get a timeshare cancellation.

If you are the unhappy owner of a timeshare, you may find yourself wondering how to get rid of a timeshare. Between increasing interest rates and annual maintenance fees, the cost of ownership has gone up since you purchased your timeshare.

If you are in this situation, there are a few things that our timeshare exit team wants you to know and to research.

Firstly, you need to figure out what kind of timeshare you own. There are a few different types of timeshares on the market. Although our timeshare exit team reviews each timeshare contract before deciding on a timeshare cancellation strategy, it can save us some time and you some money if you know a little bit about your timeshare before you call us.

One type of timeshare is a fixed week timeshare. When you buy a fixed week timeshare, you are literally buying a fraction of a piece of property. For example, if you purchase the third week in March, you own 1/52 of that vacation property and have the right to use it only the third week of March.

A floating week timeshare is similar in that you own the property, but it is slightly more flexible in terms of how and when you can use it. Instead of buying a specific week, you buy 1/52 of the property but can change the week that you have the right to use it each year.

Timeshare exit team 10A third common type of timeshare our timeshare exit team reviews is a points-based timeshare. In a points-based timeshare you do not actually own any physical property. Instead, you buy points that can be used towards different vacations at various resorts owned by the timeshare company.

Most timeshares are points based. They are popular because they claim to be flexible. While this is true in theory, when our timeshare exit team reviews this type of timeshare, we often find that this is simply not the case.

The timeshare industry claims that you can use your flexible points for any vacation, at almost any resort, any time of year. However, they forget to mention that there are often booking fees for popular vacations. This means that you really can’t use your points whenever you want, wherever you want unless you want to purchase extra.

In addition, our timeshare exit team finds that some reservation policies are very restrictive. This means that you have to plan your vacation years in advance. For many people, this is simply not feasible. This can lead to frustration and anger because you are spending tons of money and are unable to go on vacation.

If you find yourself in this situation, know that it is not hopeless. You can get a timeshare cancellation and get your vacation back. However, it can be a difficult process, and I do not recommend you go it alone.

Instead, call our timeshare exit team to get rid of your timeshare for you. We specialize in timeshare cancellation, and we are the real deal.

We are so confident we can get you out of your timeshare, we offer a money back guarantee on all of our services. That’s right, if we can’t cancel your timeshare, you don’t pay us.

Call us today to get rid of your timeshare and for a complimentary timeshare exit team review of your contact. We are here for you, and we are on your side.


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