timeshare exit teamDo you feel like you are stuck in a rut with your timeshare? Tired of making your monthly payments and getting taken to the cleaners by annual maintenance fees? If so, you need our timeshare exit team. Read on to learn how we work for you and ways we adjust our strategy depending on your specific needs.

 You never thought you would be in this position, but here you are, wondering how to get rid of a timeshare. You are normally so practical. You research your purchases. Remember last Christmas when you drove your wife crazy comparing different brands of TVs? It took you months to pick out the best value.

So you never imagined you would be here, with a timeshare that you bought on a whim. Our timeshare exit team knows exactly how you got here though.

Let me know if this sounds familiar. You’re on vacation, and you get offered a free dinner, round of golf, or extra night at a hotel. Your budget is tight, and you can’t imagine that this would lead you to frantically search “get rid of timeshare” at one in the morning. You didn’t see it coming.

You say, “what the heck?” and agree to attend their vacation club presentation. That is what they’re calling it these days because the word timeshare is practically synonymous with the word scam.

Timeshare exit team 60There’s a good reason for that. Timeshares can end up being a shady business. Sure there are some great ones out there, I’m sure. But those aren’t the ones that our timeshare exit team hears about.

We hear the horror stories. The people who were promised one thing and then given another. The people who have had to pay outrageous maintenance fees but can never schedule a vacation. The people who need to know how to get rid of a timeshare.

If you find yourself in this boat, we can help you. The first thing you need to know is that our timeshare exit team tailors our approach to timeshare cancellation based on your specific timeshare.

A timeshare is a legal contract, and no two are the same. Even timeshares sold at the same presentation can have very different terms and may even be different types of timeshares. In order to understand the ins and outs of timeshare cancellation, our timeshare exit team must first look at what type of timeshare you own.

One type of timeshare is a fixed week timeshare. Under this type of timeshare, you own an actual, deeded piece of property and you own 1/52 of it. This gives you the right to use it 1 week out of the year and the week you have rights to the property is fixed.

You can also trade weeks with other owners of the same property if you want to go on vacation on a different week. You can also trade weeks with owners of another property if you would like to go to a different destination.

timeshare exit teamIn theory, this sounds great. However, it is not usually as flexible as it claims to be. When trading weeks, you are at the whim of other owners, and it may be difficult to swap for the week or destination that you want. This type of timeshare also has high maintenance fees, and you may find that the property is not actually maintained very well.

When our timeshare exit team reviews contracts of fixed week owners, we find that they are often the least happy of any timeshare customers. This is due to how inflexible their contract is and how much they are at the mercy of others.

Another common type of timeshare is a points-based timeshare. Under this type of contract you don’t actually own any physical real estate. Instead your money buys your points that you can then use towards vacations. Think of them as credit card points, you spend a certain amount, and you get certain bonuses.

This type of timeshare often charges booking premiums for high-demand locations and times of the year. Our timeshare exit team has also found that even though you don’t own any real estate, you are still charged maintenance fees. Many of our customers are confused about what exactly they are paying to have maintained.

Timeshare-Exit-TeamRegardless of the type of timeshare you own, we can help you get rid of timeshare, for good. You don’t need to keep paying a ridiculous amount of money for something you can’t even use. Instead, you need to get a timeshare cancellation.

How to get rid of a timeshare is a question that we hear often. And not everyone can answer how to get rid of a timeshare. Only the experts on our timeshare exit team can get you out of a timeshare.

With a money back satisfaction guarantee, we are the real deal, and we can cancel your timeshare today. Don’t wait, call us now for a free, no obligation timeshare exit team reviews of your timeshare contract.

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