timeshare exit teamOwning a timeshare can end up being a major regret. If you purchased a timeshare that you don’t want anymore, you know firsthand how hard it is to get rid of. You need our timeshare exit team. Our experts know timeshare cancellation, and we can help you get rid of your timeshare.

You did it, you swore you never would, you thought you were smarter, but you did it anyway. You bought a timeshare. And now you have major buyer’s remorse because you have found that your timeshare is not all that it was promised to be. You have high monthly payments and maintenance fees that increase annually. You’re always strapped for cash because you can’t afford your no good, rotten timeshare.

In addition to not being able to afford your timeshare, you have also found that you can’t even use it. I mean, maybe it would be worth it if you could at least get some decent vacations out of it. But you have discovered it isn’t quite as flexible as the timeshare salesman promised it would be. You haven’t been able to book in fabulous European vacations or relaxing Caribbean stays. In fact, the most exotic place you’ve been so far is Aspen Colorado, during the summer, so you didn’t even get to ski.

Timeshare exit team 60All this leaves you frustrated and wondering how to get rid of a timeshare. Before we discuss how to get your out of your timeshare, let’s consider how you got into it in the first place. Most likely, the timeshare company came to you.

You were on vacation when they found you. You were tired and probably stressed from the mere act of going on vacation. Our timeshare exit team hears this story often, you were minding your own business when you were offered a free dinner and maybe a bottle of champagne. All you had to do was attend a short presentation on a “vacation club.” They never call it a timeshare because they know that people would flat our reject them.

You think “why not?” After all, you don’t have much to lose, you can always say no. However, this rarely happens. According to the timeshare cancellation experts on our timeshare exit team, once you sit down in that seat for the presentation, you have practically bought a timeshare. Between state of the art sales tactics and “free” incentives, it will be very hard to say no to a timeshare. So, you said yes and signed on the dotted line.

You may not have regretted your purchase right away. You may have decided to give your timeshare a chance. After all, maybe you could enjoy it. By the time you realized that needed to get rid of your timeshare, your rescission period was over, and you started to fear it may be too late.

Timeshare exit team 59Many people try to call the timeshare company first. This is not how you get a timeshare cancellation. The timeshare company has a vested interest in making sure that you stay in your timeshare contract. Remember those top-notch salespeople you had during your presentation? They also have a top-notch legal team whose job is to keep you making your payments.

Your attempt at a timeshare cancellation probably went something like this. You called, they transferred you to their legal department. They told you it was impossible to cancel a timeshare. Your only options were to continue making payments or to go through the hassle of selling your timeshare. If you stop paying, your contract will default, and your credit will be ruined.

If you pushed them, you might have found that it was possible to do a timeshare cancellation, but they won’t give you any details. I urge you to stop calling the timeshare company and instead call our timeshare exit team. We know how to get rid of a timeshare, and we can get you the timeshare cancellation you need. I strongly suggest that you do not try to cancel your timeshare on your own.

Instead, call us. Our timeshare exit team cost is reasonable, and we deliver results. In fact, we are so confident that we can cancel a timeshare, that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our timeshare exit services. This means that if we can’t cancel your timeshare, you get your money back.

We work for you. Not the resort, not the timeshare company, you. We are on your side, and we can get you a timeshare cancellation today. We are here twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. So call us today to get rid of your timeshare.

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