What Most People Don’t know About Timeshare Cancellation . . .

Timeshare Sales Should Come With A BIG


The warning should read something like this:

WARNING!Timeshare Cancellation Can Be Very Hard To Do.

We sometimes wonder if anyone before they signed on the preverbal dotted line, ever STOP to think for a moment and add up the cost of what this nice timeshare person is talking them into buying – When they were being brainwashed into buying the timeshare vacation.

What it was going to cost them before their life was at its end. Because that’s when the maintenance fees stop for you. AT DEATH!

But That Cost Just Stops For You…

It is not the end of the maintenance fees for your children and or loved ones. Upon your death your children get the shaft (I mean baton) pasted on to them.

Now they are responsible for the timeshare maintenance fees. Whether they want that nice bill or not, they are stuck with it. They don’t have a choice. And the children are scrambling to figure out what to do with the timeshare and how to get that bill off their backs.

What beside the National Debt, would be pass on like that to the innocent next generation? Who would really want to do that to their children? Especially in this economy and there are not any predictions that I know of that say it is going to get in better.

Times Are Ever Changing

The security of job and income, the idea of being with a company and someday retiring from that company, in times gone by, is something we could bank on for our future.

That way of ideal thinking no longer exists. Those were the Leave-It-To-Beaver days. Job security is not something that can be counted on any longer. And the gold watch of retirement is now quickly becoming a pink slip.

That is one reasons so many elderly people are begging for help to do a timeshare cancellation.

They never thought when they purchased that timeshare years ago, that the burden of maintaining that debt would go on and on and on!

Couples never thought that as they aged, their children would have their own way of thinking and their own way of wanting to take a vacation. What started out as a good thing, slowly is becoming a nightmare.

Elderly people are now starting to realize what they have truly gotten themselves into when they signed that timeshare contract years ago.

The Debt Never Stops

In this day and age, what beside timeshare can you buy and the debt never stops? Your timeshare is never really paid for and that continual cost is in the form of maintenance fees and as you age the resorts ages right along with you, there are more and greater amounts in assessment charges.

The resort you bought into will also have to be maintained and your hard earned money is what will be doing it.

You certainly don’t think the resorts owners are going to do that do you? No. The upkeep for the resort is on your back and the backs of your fellow vacation owners. The resort owner(s) made sure that WAS in the contract you signed.

And because so many people believed the lie that owning timeshare was like owning real estate (because that is one of the lies that sold them in the first place) they believe that they are passing along something of value to their children.

And if your children don’t want the timeshare after you are gone, they can sell it and make a nice profit. WRONG! This is one of the big lies told by most timeshare sell people. It’s one big reason so many people call buying timeshare the big timeshare scam.

No Resell Value

There is absolutely no and I mean NO, value in owning a timeshare. If you don’t believe me, just to one of the websites like EBay and look at the listings for all the people who are trying to resell their timeshare.

The people who still believe that they have something of value (because it was preached so strongly at the sales presentation) are still trying to sell it for different amounts of money.

But those who have finally realized that their timeshare is worthless– well they are practically begging for someone to just take the darn thing off of their hands.

Since it is considered a legal transaction some minimal amount must change hands, they are charging a few dollars for something they purchased for thousands of dollars and even then, they can’t get rid of it.

No One Wants Your Debt

It’s like trying to sell your debt to someone else. Believe me no one wants your debt. If you don’t want it—why should they.

The best thing to do is to stay away from getting talked in to going to a timeshare presentation in the first place.

The free tickets, boat ride, and anything else the off-site people are throwing at you, please remember when and if you do go to the presentation you are going up against hard-core sells people who are highly trained in getting you to agree to buying a timeshare.

They will do and say almost anything they can get away with to getting you to sign a contract before you get out of there.

I doubt seriously that before you and your family go on vacation, you all gather around the kitchen table and have hours of training sessions about how to say NO during a timeshare sales pitch, if you did happen to end up in a timeshare presentation.

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