Why Timeshare Cancellation Are Increasing More Than Ever!

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Give The Devil His Due

What I mean by that is, that whoever in the timeshare industry sat down and put their little conniving heads together to figure out how they could suck more money out of their already tapped out timeshare owners came up with a pretty good sounding timeshare scam. But many timeshare sells end up as a timeshare cancellation.

The timeshare points system has move many owners to write a timeshare cancellation letter and tell the timeshare company to cancel my timeshare. Today there is more timeshare cancellation that ever before. Timeshare points are not the totality to blame for all the timeshare cancellation. The fact is, in the timeshare marketplace today there are many timeshare scams. Timeshare-Exit-Team

POINTS – Explain

Back in the days when the timeshare industry was an innocent new concept that most people had ever heard of, and you would invite them to a new timeshare resort that was just built or in the process of being built, a sells person would actually have to explain to the potential buyer what timeshare was.

The concept and how it would work and how the buyer would benefit from the purchase. I think in those beginning days the timeshare industry started out as a good thing and back then, timeshare cancellation was very low. Not many people ever even thought about how to cancel timeshare.

Back then, the potential buyer would seat and listen to the timeshare sales pitch and once they understood what this new innovation called timeshare was all about.

Then after about a 90-minute presentation, they would decide for themselves whether it would be a good deal for their family to buy or not to buy. Then after a few more years and the timeshare resort actually did what they promised.

Back in those days, the timeshare resorts keep their word and built the additional units, swimming pools, tennis courts and such. I mean they really did do what they promised. Back then a timeshare timeshare cancellationcancellation happen ever so often but nothing like today!But as always, it always seems to happen with the human sells person, we inevitably get stung by a little thing called GREED and that little word somehow sneaks into the sales pitch in the form of a little white lie.

You know it’s like the yeast in the bread dough, a little lie starts another one and another one and it goes on and on and grows into Timeshare Scams and that’s when the timeshare cancellation started showing up in big numbers.

With sales people (it’s just our nature) we are always watching and listening to what the top seller on the team is doing. We of course what to be just like him or her and get all the recognition the top seller is getting, the pats on the back, the job perks and of course, the money.

Praise And Money

The next time to go to a timeshare resort (if you are that brave and really can keep your resolve to say the word “NO” and stick to it) then check out the timeshare resort’s employee parking lot.

They will always have a spot reserved for the Top Salesperson for the week or month, however, the Timeshare Cancellation 6resort likes to figure their sales quotes. But hey, who doesn’t like to have their name in lights, or just a sign in this case.