If You Have Ever Wander, Why So Many Timeshare Buyers Do A Timeshare Cancellation, Read This And You Will Understand Why!

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Points – Buying Hot Air –
Many Call This One Of The Best Timeshare Scams. 

I have written in other blogs about timeshare Points, but I want to reiterate about, what I have said before; “Give The Devil His Due”.

What I mean by that is, that whoever in the timeshare industry sat down and put their little conniving heads together to figure out how they could suck more money out of their already tapped timeshare owners, came up with just one more of the so many timeshare scamsTimeshare-Exit-Team

But not everyone goes for it, many who have bought a timeshare, return home and send a timeshare cancellation letter.

One must ask, why do so many timeshare buyers, sent a timeshare cancellation letter and tell the resort, cancel my timeshare.

The answer is It’s because of all the timeshare scams. Once people learn that they have been lied to they become a timeshare cancellation.  

The Owners Review Meeting/Party

We have talked to so many people who have had their timeshare for quite some time and then while they were on their vacation they go to an Owners Review Meeting (which is really just a code word in the timeshare industry for sales presentation) and in this Owners Review Meeting the timeshare salesperson presents you with this new concept of converting your brick and mortar timeshare that you already own into TIMESHARE POINTS.

They tell you the timeshare industry is looking out for your best interest to make your vacations the best they can be and with this new points concept you will extend your vacation horizons and be able to go to so many more worldwide destinations.

It’s A Wonderful Thing timeshare cancellation

And you listen with an open mind and the timeshare salespeople have all the answers to your questions and you think it doesn’t sound all that bad and they are given you all the brilliant reasons why that this new points concept is going to be the most wonderful thing since sliced bread (Baloney).

And before the so called fun meeting is over, you have bought into the points sales spill and the next thing you know, this new wonderful points concept is only going to cost you three to ten thousand more dollars. Why does it cost you more money? Because now you are not limited to exchanging destinations. So they say!

Timeshare sales people will extol the opportunities of exchanging timeshare vacations of brick and mortar to timeshare points because it opens up the world to your vacation wants. And the timeshare brick and mortar is becoming a thing of the past. (Who wants to be left behind?)

timeshare cancellationIf you are old enough, you’ll remember when CDs were starting to come into the picture and tape cassettes were on their way out. When you bought a new car, they would have both tape players and the new-fangled CD player. Eventually, though all cars only had CD players.

Well, that’s kind of like it is with the points system. Some timeshare resorts started to deal only in points, and then just about all the resorts got on that bandwagon.

The Greedy Beast Called – The Timeshare Industry, Is Never Satisfied

The Greedy Beast has to be feed more and more, and that feed is MONEY. Your money to be exact.

Okay, now that you have exchanged your brick and mortar timeshare week(s) into POINTS and the next time you and your family are planning on taking a vacation, you call in to make all the necessary arrangements. Timeshare Cancellation 6

You are eager to try out this new point system that you bought into and that cost you more money and go to all the places you only dreamed about.

Now while you’re on the phone trying to book your dream vacation, your heart drops! The lady/man on the other end of the phone line says, “I’m sorry. You don’t own enough points to go to that destination.”

“Huh?” –  “What” 

You could have sworn that when you paid and exchanged into the Point system, the nice timeshare salespeople never said anything about not having enough Points to go to the resorts of your choice.

Now you find that with the amount of Points you have, you are limited to where you Timeshare Cancellation 20can go on vacation. What Now? You guessed it, you need to buy MORE Points and that will cost another X amount of money so not to be limited in your vacation choices, of course, you buy more Points.

Now not only are you paying for the first group of Points that you bought, you now have a second payment for the additional Points you are buying.

More Than One Payment

Oh, don’t want two payments or three payments? (here at the Timeshare Cancel Center, our timeshare exit team talk to people all the time that have more than one timeshare payment. That’s why they want to do a timeshare cancellation).

But that’s no problem, the nice timeshare salespeople will take all that tiresome accounting away from you and just roll it all the payments into one fat payment. And don’t forget, along with all this, your maintenance fees are going up and up and up! Having fun yet?

Soon now you find that you are in staggering debt. It’s weighing you down to the degree that you’re up walking to floors at night. It’s destroying your health and your marriage/partnership. Timeshare Cancellation 4

What good is a vacation that can’t be enjoyed? This isn’t the way it was supposed to be. This isn’t what you thought you were buying into.

You Wonder, How You Got Yourself Into This Mess

The real question is, “How in the world do you get out of this timeshare nightmare? The good news is, there is hope and more importantly, there is help for you and there is a way out of your timeshare nightmare.

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